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Track Name: Blood on my Boots
There's broken glass
Police sirens
Is all I hear
Head pounding
Nowhere to run
Wake up aching
What have I done

Blood on my Boots
Track Name: Voiceless
A corpse a product to be sold
As sustenance for young and old
Any flesh by any name
Murder is murder it's all the same
Sneer at the face upon your plate
Swallow your conscience stuff your face
You choose convenience you choose taste
Death turned to fucking waste

Who’s voice- is voiceless?

Another mother’s milk and period
Any other name is still fucking blood
And a corpse of course was made for death
for a life once lived lives on your breath
A social habit forced on you?
It's your fucking right to choose!
Fried and baked and stewed and skewed
Death’s delicious? How ‘bout you
Track Name: Silence
When the gavel slams - the law has won
Nowhere to go - nowhere to run
Pressed for answers, pressed for names
Stay ignorant to their games

There’s no options when all else fails
Rats get poisoned for telling tales
Respect lives - longer than time
More than life - without pride

Silence...Or be Silenced

What they offer is fucking weak
We don’t talk – to police
For those who fall into the trap
A grave awaits for every rat
Track Name: Disarm
What will you do
When it's too late
They push the button
They chose your fate
If not you
Who is to die
Who's in control
Who's left to cry

Nuclear Disarmament

And acid rain
Fucking insane
This can't be real
It can't be true
Nuclear power
What will you do?

Nuclear Disarmament

The ones you love
Will fucking die
When death drops
From the sky
They are the few
They've got the choice
What will you do

Nuclear Disarmament NOW
Track Name: Disco Killers
Well they came in and they wanted to party
With their disco balls and their lazy money
So we said NO they couldn't do it
Opened the door and kicked em through it, We are...

Disco killers
Disco killers

We've had enough and it stops today
workin all week to make my pay
Friday night, my night to howl
Me and the pack are on the prowl, We are...

Disco killers
Disco killers

bills been paid and so is rent
With a couple bucks left unspent
Here todays and gone tomorrows
Fucked up tonight and drowning sorrows, We are...

Disco killers
Disco killers
Track Name: No Future
The truth was spun on 45s
A distort answer to system lies
And here we're standing movementless
Regurgitating hopelessness
Lost in subliminal imagery
In fear of shouting anarchy
Will they hear or will they sneer
Will I be shunned for liberty?!?!

Now the gathering of the 100s
Imitating what someone else did
Without an enemy but thine self
subculture packed and shelved
Forced underground by social choice
Where no one hears our muffled voice
No one sees our violent rage
No one cares, not even me...

Life's a bore and here we live it
Self destruction oh punk innit
To shake things up, to cause a riot
So we dream underground and quiet
The social choice to make some noise
To shout what's right with our voice
An endless truth for us to tell
And to die up on the record shelf

No, No! We don't want your future!
No, No! We don't want no future!